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Hi! My name is Chantale

I am a manager specializing in helping woman who have been placed in leading positions. Businesswomen and leading women are often faced with gender-specific difficulties or issues that still exist in our modern society. To better understand the forces involved and to be able to gauge our own responses to it place us in a position of strength in front of a managerial team. Through custom approaches, I propose to give you advice, support, gender-differentiated analysis (GDA), situational studies and/or organizational diagnoses through a feminist perspective.

I offer my experience and my help because it's by joining our forces  that success is achieved.

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Older experiences are listed in my resume


Executive director

La Traversée -

Crisis and Suicide Prevention Center.

Located in Sorel-Tracy, La Traversée helps people through difficult times. Whether there is a psychosocial crisis, suicidal ideation or complicated and traumatic bereavement, La Traversée offers telephone intervention, close follow-up and even short-term accommodation. Achievements.


Farm owner

Les Cancaneuses

Specializing in duck eggs production, Ferme Duchant has developed a 180 outlets market in Quebec and Ontario, for a totally new food product. The company was sold in 2016 to Bouvrette family, a dynamic and promising young farmer family. Duckeggs.


Acting director

Maison la Source du Richelieu

Maison la Source du Richelieu is a shelter located in Sorel-Tracy whose mission is to provide safe housing on a confidential basis and free of charge to women who face domestic violence and their children. Maison la source is offering counselling and support as well as follow-up services for each resident and to women who do not require shelter.


University studies

Bachelor of Arts, Business Administration
Management experiences

Creating and starting a new project

After the initial spark of an idea, it is often difficult to bring it to fruition without going through many trials and errors.  People tend to give up after being faced with a few stopping blocks.  Having founded many projects and enterprises from beginning to end, I am better able to help you understand the process.

Manage your talents

Own your project! You are the specialist, the artist! You may not feel skilled to launch your project on the market and that is were I come in. I can do your market analysis and research, we all have our own talent and this one’s mine! 


Money is an essential commodity for any project but it should not be an obstacle! Any viable, well constructed, profitable project can be financed from many sources.  My job is to find the right doors to knock on and nine times out of ten my project are financed!


Chantale Caron

Services conseils et soutien professionnel
pour femmes en affaires
ou en poste de direction





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